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  • NG: Churchill: 1940-1945
    • War Cabinet
      • Churchill Atlee Greenwood Chamberlain Halifax Bevin Morrison
        • PEARCE: One of the most powerful and effective governments in GB history
        • NOTE: Churchill focused mostly on foreign policy and left the rest of the cabinet for domestic policy
          • not a lot done domestically - criticized for this
    • WW2
      • Blitz: Bombing of the UK. London attacked 71 times
      • Battle of the Atlantic: Failure of German blockade U boats to stop British exports
      • USA gave financial and military aid. Lend lease 1941
    • The Beveridge Report 1942
      • PEARCE: most important and explosive document on social policy during WW2
      • Wanted full employment, family allowances and NHS
      • ADDISON: intensified forces for change which had been gathering since 1940
      • 1945 Family Allowance Act: 1/4 family incomes insufficient.
      • "cradle to grave welfare" insured workers could claim maternity unemployment, sickness, disability, OAP and funeral benefits
    • Social impact of WW2
        • RESTRICTION ON ENGAGEMNT ORDER 1940:recruitment through TUs
      • 79% women worked in industry. = + 50% working in commerce, armed forces. promoted sense of independance
      • Training programmes overcame skill shortages
      • almost full employment achieved
        • over 1000 casualties
        • key industrial areas hit. Southamton
        • over 1m  children evacuated 1939
        • shock, discomfort confusion
          • HOWEVER: radio and cinema attendance up escape fear and drudgery of war.
        • bread and milk shortages
        • disruption food and industrial priduction
    • Political impact of WW2
      • Post war reconstruction: Lord Woolton
        • Town and Country planning act
        • Post war housing policy
        • White paper on NHS
        • unemployment benefit and workers compensation
      • Tories tied of coalition. Labour wanted dissolve. 1945 parliament dissolved
      • More support for Labour?
        • promised >nationalisation, Beverdige report immediate effect, economic planning and full employment
        • Tories divided, saw reform as socialistic
    • Economic impact of WW2
      • 1947 general agreements on tariffs and trade: no discrimination and stable rates
      • nearly bankrupt. £28,000m absorbed 50% national income.
      • Lost 7% pre war housing (bombing)
      • LEND LEASE
        • Had acquired $11.3 bill. worth US goods by end of war.


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