Terrorism and Affairs within the FRG.

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  • Terrorism and Affairs within the FRG.
    • Brandt
      • The Baader - Meinhof gang.
        • Committed crimes such as: Mainings, Murders, Car theft, Bank robberies and Arson.
      • Munich Olympics
        • The PLO who had links to the RAF killed 11 athletes from Israel.
          • Brandt gave into terrorist demands and released those responsible.
            • But he did introduce new measures such as: Tighter Job Screens, surviellance on foreigners and authorised the opening of mail.
      • Gunter Guillaume
        • Worked for the GDR in the FRG Government
          • Handled confidential documents - Some were passed to Marcus Wolf head of the STASI
          • Brandt  had been aware that he was under suspicion but took no action.
            • Guillaume was inprisioned for 13 years for Espionage.
    • Schimdt
      • Mogadishu Incident
        • Kidnapped the president of the federal association of German Industry
          • Demanded the release of 11 terrorists associated with the RAF.
        • Palestinians linked to the RAF hijacked a plan carrying innocent german passengers and killed the piliot
        • Actions
          • Schimdt sent GSG - 9 Commando team to Somali, where the plane landed.
            • 3/4 terriorists killed one seriously injured BUT no passengers were harmed.
          • Did not give in to terrorist demands.
            • Baader and his accomplices committed Suicide.
    • Kohl
      • Sleaze
        • Members of the Government were allowing the Flick corporation to be exempt from tax charges
          • In return for illegal donations to coalition parties.
        • This had nothing to do with Kohl but he was criticised for failing to spot it.
      • Bitburg Affair
        • Kohl arranged to go to war cemuntry in Bitburg with Reegan to mark the 40th anniversary of the end of WW2.
          • However 49 ** Waffen soilders were buried here.
            • This was a massive embarrasment it headlined papers internationally.
            • Kohl was viewed as having poor judgement.


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