Why did Parliament win? 1642-46

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  • Why did Parliament win the First English Civil War? 1642-46
    • Self-Denying Ordinance December 1644
      • Cromwell outflanks rivals
      • No one can be a member of Parl. + command an Army
      • Separates military + political
      • Designed to get rid of Manchester+ Essex
      • Provided military reconstruction
    • New Model Army February 1645
      • Army restructured- new central army led by military men
      • Lord General= Sir Thomas Fairfax
      • Major- General of the Infantry= Philip Skippon
      • Lieutenant of the Horse= Cromwell
    • Second Self-Denying Ordinance April 1645
      • Created to allow Cromwell to keep his place in Parliament + be Lieutenant of the Horse
      • Cromwell only exception
    • Control of South east and London
    • Control over ports and navy- stopping Charles from redressing balance with foreign aid, and troops could be moved easily
    • Royalists failures 1642-43 crucial
    • Rivalry between Royalists Digby and Prince Rupert
    • Failure of Leadership lies with King
    • Skill of Pym essential- persuaded alliance w/ Scots + managed different parliamentary parties
    • Time needed to access these resources though
    • Military reorgansiation of 1644-45
    • Kings error at Naseby and resurgence of neutralism sped up Parl. success


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