Ethnic Differences and Cultural Deprivation

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  • Ethnicity: Cultural Deprivation
    • Intellectual and Linguistic Skills
      • Many children from low-income black families lack stimulation and enriching experiences.
      • Breiter and Engelmann: low-income black American families as inadequate for educational success.
      • In 2010, pupils with English as their first language were only 3.2 points ahead of those with English as their first language.
      • Mirza: Indian pupils do well despite often not having English as their first language.
    • Attitudes and Values
      • Lack of motivation is a big cause of failure for many black children.
      • Many black children are socialized into a fatalistic subculture. Therefore, they do not strive to succeed.
    • Family Structure and Parental Support
      • Moynihan: many black families are headed by a lone mother, their children are deprived of adequate care due to no male breadwinner.
        • A cycle of unstable families, inadequately socializing children to become unstable families themselves.
      • Murray: lone parenthood and a lack of positive male role models.
      • Scruton: some failure results from a failure to embrace mainstream British culture.
      • Pryce: Asians are higher achievers because there culture is more resistant to racism.
        • The experience of slavery was culturally devastating for black social groups.
    • Sewell
      • It is a lack of fatherly nurturing.
      • Black boys are subject to powerful anti-educational peer group pressure. Speaking in English and doing well is often viewed as suspicion by peers.
      • Gillborn: it is not peer pressure but institutional racism which systematically produces failure of a large number of black boys.
    • Asian Families
      • They place a high value on education.
      • Lupton: adult authority is similar to the model found in schools. They are more likely to support schools behavioral policies.
    • White Working Class
      • McCulloch: ethnic minority pupils are more likely to aspire to go to university.
      • Lupton: teachers reported poorer levels of behavior and discipline in white working class schools. Teachers blamed this on low levels of parental support.
      • Evans: street culture can be brutal and can bring power games into schools.
    • Criticisms
      • Driver: Black Caribbean families are headed by strong female role models.
      • Lawrence: black pupils underachieve not because of low self-esteem but because of racism.
      • Keddie: they are culturally different, not culturally deprived. Schools are ethnocentric.
      • Multi-cultural education and anti-racist education.


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