Ethnicity in education - external factors - cultural deprivation

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  • Ethnicity - external factor - CULTURAL DEPRIVATION
    • Intellectual and Linguistic skills
      • many children from low income families lack these
      • lack = poorly equipped for school
      • Bereiter and Engelmann - language spoken by Low- income black American families is inadequate - disjointed, incapable of expressing abstract ideas
    • Attitudes and Values
      • some black children are socialised into a subculture that instils a fatalistic attitude - unequipped for success
      • A lack of motivation is seen as a reason why black children fail
    • Family structure and parental support
      • Moynihan (1965)
        • many black families are lone mother - children deprived of adequate care - financially struggles
        • C.D is a cycle = inadequately socialised children from unstable families go on to fail at school, then become inadequate parents themselves
      • Father absent = boys lack male role models for success
      • Scruton (1986) - sees the low achievement levels of some ethnic minorities as resulting from a failure to embrace mainstream British culture
    • Criticisms
      • Driver (1977) - sees it to ignore the positive effects of ethnicity
        • e.g black Caribbean families provide positive female role models of strong independent woman
      • Lawrence (1982) - black pupils under-achieve because of racism
      • Keddie - sees it as a victim blaming explanation. Ethnic minority children are culturally different, not Culturlaly deprived
    • Asian Families
      • Sewell - Indian and Chinese pupils benefit from supportive families - have an 'asian work ethic' - place high value on education
      • Lupton (2004) - adult authority in asian families is similar to the model that operates in schools
    • White working class families
      • McCulloch (2014) - found in his survey of 16,000 pupils that ethnic minority pupils are more likely to aspire to go to uni than white British
      • Evans (2006) - argues that street culture is white W/C areas can be brutal + so kids have to learn how to withstand  intimidation and intimidate others
        • so, schools can become a place where the power games that young people engage in on the streets are played out again, bringing disruption and making it harder for pupils to succeed
    • Compensatoyeducation
      • used to tackle cultural deprivation
      • Head start - in US to help deprived kids


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