Religion & Social Position - ETHNICITY

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- Ethnic minorities tend to be economically & socially deprived compared with the majority population. 63% of Pakistani & Bangladeshi households were living in poverty in 2005 whilst African Caribbeans experience much higher levels of unemployment compared with white popluation. WEBER suggests that religions such as Pentecostalism & Rastafarianism may be attractive to some ethnic minority groups because they provide an explanation & justification for their economic deprivation (theodicy of disprivilege.) They offer hope of salvation, usually in the afterlife.

- Ethnic minorities may be more likely to experience social or status deprivation. They may be more likely to feel dissatisfied or marginalised at their lack of status in society because of factors such as racism, which is often fuelled by the media.

- Religion can be a means of easing the transition into a new culture for immigrants. It can provide support & a sense of community


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