Ethical Issues in Sport

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  • Ethical lssues In Sport
    • Stimulants
      • affect the nervous central system.
        • INCREASES
          • mental, physical alertness, and also mask fatigue
            • LEAD TO :
              • high blood pressure, heart, liver problems and strokes
    • Anabolic Steroids (agents)
      • mimic the male sex hormone testosterone
        • INCREASES
          • bone and muscle growth (allows a athlete to get bigger and stronger). It  can also make them more aggressive
            • LEAD TO
              • high blood pressure ,heart disease and infertility - increasing chances of developing cancer
              • facial hair and body hair, voices may also deepen
              • weightlifters may use I to gain an unfair advantage
    • Beta Blockers
      • reduce heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and the effect of adrenaline
        • LEAD TO
          • fine motor skills - helps stop shaking hands - has a calm relaxing effect
            • INCREASES
              • nausea, weakness,      low blood pressure,      cramps and heart failure
    • Successes Of Performing Enhancing Drugs
      • can lead to wealth and fame as taking drugs can improve performance
      • some performers use drugs to level the playing field.
      • disadvantages
        • these drugs are normally banned
          • athletes who break the rules, risk their health and reputation if they are caught
        • the use of performing enhancing drugs can harm the reputation and credibility of the sport


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