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Revision questions
Chapter 1 ­ The participant as an individual
1. How will training differ for an amateur and a professional sports performer? (4 marks)
Commitment, Coaching expertise, Facility quality, pay to play, paid to play, training
duration and frequency, fun vs job
2. Explain, using an appropriate sporting examples,…

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CHAPTER 2 ­ Physical and Mental demands of performance
9. What is meant by the term fatigue? Explain how it can affect performance (3 marks)
Feeling of tiredness. Mental or physical. Reduced performance level. Tired muscles.
Less power. Reduced concentration. Risk of injury
10. Explain how stress can have a…

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21. List 2 indicators of cardiovascular fitness (2 marks)
Resting heart rate. Pulse recovery rate. Multistage fitness test scores

Chapter 3 ­ Leisure and Recreation
22. Explain the term `Leisure time' Give an example of both Active and Passive leisure
activities (3 marks)
Time where you can choose what to…

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Chapter 5 ­ Health, Fitness and Healthy active lifestyle
31. Define Health (2 marks)
A state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Not merely the absence
of illness, disease or infirmity.
32. Explain the harmful effects that Alcohol abuse and Smoking can have on the body (4

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Chapter 6 - Training
43. Why is specificity an important principle of training? (3 marks)
A weight lifter would train to increase strength and develop technique. Therefore
training would need to be designed to match this. Endurance swimming would not be
beneficial to weightlifting
44. Explain the principle of progression…

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54. Describe 3 safety procedures used when weight training (3marks)
Use a spotter/work in pairs. Use correct technique, use gradual progression to avoid
55. What are possible drawbacks of using the weight training method? ( 3marks)
Need specialist equipment, expensive, incorrect technique can be dangerous, need
56. Explain…

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CHAPTER 8 Cultural and Social Factors
63. There has been a rapid growth in the Leisure industry in recent years. Explain the
Contributing factors that have increased the amount of Leisure time (4 marks)
Higher levels of unemployment meaning more free time to participate in leisure,
Shorter working week ­…

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Improved subject knowledge, More practical PE , Raised awareness of how to be
healthy, Improve skill/performance in sports, Could lead to a PE related job

Chapter 10 ­ International Factors
72. For a named example, explain what makes an event `high profile' (3 marks)
Wimbledon Tennis, Olympics, World Cup, Superbowl…

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78. What is sponsorship and explain its role in sport? (4marks)
Payments made by a company to an individual or team to advertise their product.
E.g. Chelsea FC is sponsored by Samsung. Individuals can also receive help with
expenses/ equipment/travel costs. Events can also be sponsored like the Virgin

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