1.1.2- influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

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What is CULTURAL influence?
Ethical and physical reasons- age, gender, race, disability and religion.
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What is HEALTH influence?
Your physical state- illness
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What is IMAGE influence?
Things you see- fashion, media coverage.
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What is RESOURCE influence?
The things that influence- location, availability, access, time.
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What is PEOPLE inlfuence?
Family, peers and role models- The people around you influene what sports you do.
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What is SOCIO-ECONOMIC influence?
money- cost, status.
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Which initiative has the motto ' Start, Stay, Suceed'
Sport England.
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What is PESSCL?
PE school sport and club links
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Which initiative has the TOPs scheme?
Youth Sport Trust. (TOP link)
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Name one government initiative that encourages PE?
2 hours PE a week etc.
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What scheme uses vouchers to provide equipment?
SAinsbury's Active Kids scheme.
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What are the 3 main purposes of initatives?
To encourage participation, to premote a healthy, active lifestyle and to increase fitness of the general public.
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What is the correct order of the sports participation pyramid? (lowest to highest)
Foundation, participation, performance and elite.
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What is HEALTH influence?


Your physical state- illness

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What is IMAGE influence?


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What is RESOURCE influence?


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What is PEOPLE inlfuence?


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