Dionysus key quotes

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  • Dionysus
    • [re Pentheus] 'He dared to fight against a god'
      • justifying his harsh revenge?
    • 'one who speaks wisdom will seem foolish the the ignorant'
    • [re Pentheus] 'You don't know what your life is, nor what you are doing, nor who you are [...] you are well named for a disaster'
    • 'I have set aside my divine form, and in the body of a man I have come here.'
    • 'most terrible, and yet most gentle to mankind'
    • 'My father Zeus agreed to this long ago'
    • 'One who speaks wisdom will seem foolish to the ignorant'
      • hint at sophistry, forshadowing
    • [re Pentheus] 'You do not know what your life is, nor what you are doing, nor who you are'
    • 'the man is moving into the net, and he will come to the Bacchants, where he will be punished by death'
      • 'He will come to know that Dionysus is fully a god'
        • All Dionysus wants is his family to acknowledge his divinity, the reasoning behind his actions
    • [re Pentheus] 'I am sure you will call me your best friend when you see the bacchants bagging more modestly than you expect'
    • [re Pentheus] 'Your perceptions were confused before, but now your mind is as it should be'
      • hinting at Pentheus' state of madness, he has been reduced to a pathetic state of delusion
    • [re Cadmus] 'For I am a god, and I was insulted by you'
      • defending his decision to take revenge and ruin his family


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