Justice + Revenge in Greek Tragedy

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  • Justice + Revenge in Greek Tragedy
    • Pentheus hubris makes him deserving of Dionysus' revenge
      • 'I have more authority than you'
      • But he did believe that Dionysus was an imposter, so may be unfair
    • Arguably Apollo wanted revenge for being insulted by Oedipus and Jocasta for trying to avoid their prophecies
      • Oedipus ends up blind and Jocasta ends up dead
      • however, Oedipus takes responsibility for his actions but blames Apollo for the prophecy
        • 'Apollo, friends, Apollo-he ordained my agonies-these, my pains on pains! But the hand that struck my eyes was mine, mine alone- no one else-I did it all myself!'
    • 'What is divine justice'
    • Dionysus' revenge is extremely harsh however he says it was  preplanned
      • 'My father Zeus agreed to this long ago'
    • The chorus in the Bacchae want justice at the expense of Pentheus, they evoke violence and revenge
      • 'Let justice appear! Let her come bearing a sword!'
    • Dionysus wants revenge, he sends an earthquake, humiliates Pentheus by transforming into a phantom
      • this leaves Pentheus 'panting with rage'
      • 'Shake the floor of the world, spirit of earthquake'
      • 'This is exactly how I humiliated him: when he thought he was binding me, he did not touch or hold me'
    • Dionysus is clear that he wants revenge form the start
      • 'This city must learn its lesson well'
      • 'I must vindicate my mother Semele'
        • he wants revenge as his family did not respect his mother's relationship with Zeus or her death


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