religious acts and rituals in Greek tragedy

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  • Religious Acts and Rituals
    • Bacchic rites
      • 'I put on fawn skins, and garlands of ivy around my head'
      • 'The joys of eating raw flesh'
      • 'Sing praise to Dionysus'
      • 'Among the dancing bands stand full bowls of wine, and one by one the women creep off to hide in secret  places and serve the lusts of men'
    • Dionysus came to Thebes 'so that I might be revealed to mankind as a god'
      • Dionysus did this through divine power
        • 'The earth spread the light of divine fire'
        • 'From the upper air a voice, Dionysus, it would seem, cried out'
    • The Bacchae as a tragedy tells us about the founding of the cult of Dionysus and how to worship him (fawnskin, ivy garlands, dancing etc)
    • Cadmus and Agave's punishment could be considered a religious act as Dionysus does it as a result of their disrespect to his worship.
    • Oedipus thinks he can solve the problems of Thebes and the priests and citizens arrive with branches wrapped in wool to sacrifice
      • 'Let me grant your prayers'


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