Pentheus Key Quotes

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  • Pentheus
    • [re Dionysus] 'He is the one claiming to be the god Dionysus'
    • [re Bacchants] 'I hear of new evils in the city; that our women have abandoned their homes to take part in fake Bacchic revels'
    • [re Dionysus] 'I have more authority than you!'
    • [Dionysus] 'That was not the only humiliation to which the Bacchic god subjected him: he shattered the palace to the ground'
    • 'Though only a man, he dared to fight against a god'
      • root of his downfall?
    • 'I order the whole palace to be surrounded and barred!'
      • makes Pentheus look stupid as he is declaring war against a god. Additionally, it highlights his obliviousness that his prisoner is a god.
    • [re Dionysus] 'Clever you are, clever- except where you need to be clever!'
    • [messenger re Pentheus] 'For I fear for the swiftness of your moods, lord, and your temper, which is excessively kinglike'
    • [re Dionysus] 'You are right again. How clever you are- and have been all along!'
      • Pentheus' appreciation of Dionysus' cleverness emphasises his complete change in mental state. He is in a state of madness.
    • 'I seem to see two suns, a double city of Thebes, two cities with seven gates! And you-you look like a bull leading me.'
    • 'For I am the only Theban man enough to dare this deed!'
    • 'Force must not be used to defeat women'
      • complete change of character-a sign of madness inflicted by Dionysus
    • 'I take what I deserve'


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