Society in Greek Tragedy

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  • Society in Greek Tragedy
    • [Edith Hall] 'The Greek mind was trained to think in polarities; to categorise, distinguish and oppose'
    • Tragedy shows that the Gods and natural order cannot be compared
      • 'The gods go down'
        • The chorus admit that if oracles can't be trusted, then  society would break down
    • society was god-fearing and piety was important
      • [Tiresias] 'No logic can overthrow the traditions we received from our fathers'
    • Dionysus  upsets the natural order of society by sending the women to Mt. Cithaeron, he caused women to leave their traditional roles
      • Pentheus' desire to get rid of Dionysus is justified as he was acting as a king of a society where women are protected and suppressed, he was doing the 'right thing'
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