Chorus Key Quotes

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  • Chorus
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    • 'Who dances in the mountains'
      • How Dionysus is worshipped
        • 'Waving the thyrsus high in the air'
    • 'I rush on in my joyful labours for Bromios'
    • 'Like a foal with its grazing mother'
      • simile, the bacchants are happily singing and dancing
    • 'I swear by the lovely clusters of Dionysus' vine, The time will come when you care about Bromios'
    • 'Life is short; one who seeks greatness misses what lies at hand'
    • 'Wisdom is not cleverness, or ideas beyond limits'
      • links to sophistry
    • 'Divine power is certain. It corrects mortals who worship arrogance'
    • 'Hunting down the unholy man. For a man must not think and act beyond the ways of tradition'


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