Family in Greek Tragedy

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  • Family in Greek Tragedy
    • Oedipus questions Jocasta's and Creon's loyalty to him. His obsessive desire to know the truth creates tension between them
      • the consequence could be Jocasta killing herself and Oedipus blinding himself
      • [Oedipus] 'Don't tell me you're not the enemy, the traitor'
      • [Jocasta] 'Man of agony, that is the only name I have for you'
    • Oedipus responds to his prophecy by leaving Corinth for good and avoiding who he thinks is his mother and father
      • 'I heard all that day and ran. I abandoned Corinth'
    • Jocasta and Laius abandon baby Oedipus after hearing their prophecy. The fact that they would rather prevent the prophecy than keep their child shows how important prophecies were
      • [shepherd] 'She was afraid-frightening prophecies'
    • Dionysus' family does not accept him-Pentheus ultimately chooses to disrespect him despite being warned.
      • Hodgkinson-'Pentheus is blind to the identity of a member of his own family, despite his family trying to educate him'
    • Dionysus harshly punishes his entire family, despite Cadmus taking part in bacchic dancing and encouraging Pentheus to accept him
      • 'Even if this man is no god-Declare him one! Tell a lie in a good cause'
      • 'Dionysus, we beg you-we have done wrong!'
      • 'I have come ready, wearing these clothes of the god'
    • Hodgkinson-'Pentheus' rejection of the gods relates to both his dimity and to his relationship with the family'


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