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  • Diet
    • Balanced Diet
      • Carbohydrates
        • Broken down to glucose for energy.
      • Fats
        • Concentrated slow releasing energy.
      • Protein
        • Muscle growth and repair.
      • Vitamins
        • Aids vision, wounds, strong bones, healthy skin.
      • Minerals
        • Iodine, iron, calcium for strong bones.
      • Water
        • Restores loss of water after exercise, lost through sweat, urine.
      • Fibres
        • Keep digestive track healthy, prevents constipation.
    • Carbohydrate Loading
      • Used by endurance athletes e.g. marathon runners to maximize glycogen storage in muscles.
      • The glycogen in the muscles help to delay tiredness & help improve performance.
      • Recommended for endurance events lasting over 90 mins.
      • Includes foods like: fruit, veg, pasta, grains.
      • Consists of lots of starch.
    • Protein Loading
      • Used  by body builders.
      • Recommended to help build muscle and lose fat.
      • High protein food can be hard to digest.
      • Protein should not just be eaten just before training or competing.
      • Protein itself does not add muscle.


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