Classification of skills

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  • Classification of skills
    • Difficulty Continuum
      • Simple Complex
        • Simple-Few subroutines/Cognirive less prority
          • Swimming/Sprinting
        • Complex-Multiple subroutines/Decision making important
          • Somersault/tennis serve
    • Environmental Continuum
      • Open      Closed
        • Closed-Environment doesnt impact on skill/Less decision making
          • Free throw in basketball or serving in tennis
        • Open-Environment has an impact on the skill/More decision making
          • Skills in hockey like a pass in the game
    • Pacing Continuum
      • Self-Paced Externally-Paced
        • Self-Paced-In control of timing/closed skill
          • Javelin throw/discus
        • Externally-Paced-Not in control of timing/Open skills/Decision making
          • Ball games performer must time their actions with actions of other players and the ball
    • Muscular Involvment continuum
      • Gross             Fine
        • Fine-High levels of control/Small muscles used/Coordination
          • Snooker Shot
        • Gross-Lower levels of control/large muscles used/involve basic motor skills
          • Shot Put
    • Continuity Continuum
      • Discrete  Serial Continuous
        • Serial-Easily split into series of discrete skills
          • Sequence of skills for triple jump
        • Discrete-Clear beginning and end/Short skill
          • Penalty flick in hockey
        • Continuous-No obvious beginning and end
          • Swimming/Running/Cycling
    • Organisation Continuum
      • Low      High
        • Low-Simple Skill/Little cognitive process needed
          • Swimming strokes/trampolining sequence
        • High-Complex Skill/High level of cognitive process needed/Hard to separate
          • Cartwheel/golf swing


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