Skill Acquisition

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  • Skill Acquisition
    • Classification of Skills
      • Difficulty
        • Simple-Complex
      • Environment
        • Open-Closed
      • Pacing
        • Self Paced-Externally Paced
      • Organisation
        • High Organisation-Low Organisation
      • Continuity
        • Discrete-Serial-Continuous
      • Muscular Involvement
        • Gross-Fine
    • Practice Types and Methods
      • Part
        • Skill broken down-subroutines practised alone
      • Whole
        • Skill practised as a whole standard movement
      • Whole-Part-Whole
        • Done fully first, then weak part practised in isolation, then brought back to full skill again
      • Progressive Part
        • Skill broke down into chunks and chunks are sequentially chained
      • Massed
        • Practised continually with no rest
      • Distributed
        • Short bursts with frequent rest
      • Fixed
        • Scenario is fixed and good for learning one skill
      • Varied
        • Scenario is always changing so it is more game like
    • Learning Theories
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Uses positive and negative reinforcement to strengthen desired S-R bonds and break undesirable S-R bonds
      • Cognitive Theory
        • Combines intervening variables and past experience to deal with situations
      • Thorndike's Laws
        • Law of Effect, Law of Exercise, Law of Readiness
      • Social Learning
        • Observe higher authority and copy their actions
    • Transfer of Skills
      • Positive
        • Learning of a skill helps learning of another
      • Negative
        • Learning of one skill hinders another
      • Bilateral
        • From one limb to another
      • Proactive
        • Where the learning of a skill affects a future learned skill
      • Retroactive
        • Where a previously learned skill affects a new skill


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