Classification of Skills

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  • Classification of Skills
    • Difficulty
      • Simple - a sprint start in swimming, where there are very few decisions to be made
      • Complex - midfielder in hockey, a person has to make a lot of decisions
    • Environmental
      • Open - skills affected affected by the environment, tend to be externally-paced [e.g. pass in football]
      • Closed - skills not affected by the environment, tend to be self-paced [e.g. basketball free throw]
    • Pacing
      • Self-paced - performer controls the rate at which the skills is executed [e.g. javelin throw]
      • Externally-paced - environment / opponent controls the rate of performing a skill [e.g. receiving serve]
    • Muscular Involvement
      • Gross - skills with large muscle movements [e.g. shot put]
      • Fine - skills with intricate movements and small muscle groups [e.g. dart throw]
    • Continuity
      • Discrete - skills with a clear beginning + middle + end [e.g. hockey penalty flick]
      • Serial - skills with several discrete elements which are put together to make a  sequence [e.g. skills in triple jump]
      • Continuous - skills with no obvious beginning or end, the end of one cycle is the beginning of the next, repeated as a set pattern [e.g. cycling]
    • Organisation
      • High -  has elements of subroutines that are difficult to separate [e.g. basketball dribbling]
      • Low - if skill is split into subroutines that are identified as separate movements [e.g. tennis serve]


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