central gov is wrong to make cuts

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  • central gov. is wrong to cut necessary services.
    • intro:spending on neighbourhood services fallen 3bn. increases pressure on local council. common dilema, rash decisions question- link to tiltle
    • agree- para 1:expected funding to fall by 77% many rely on services for entertainment
      • eg. youth centers, hostels, libraries
      • this could lead to social disrupt and protest
    • disagree: para 2: cuts are often unavoidabe. rash decisions made as a result economic pressures
      • forced to prioritise
      • bedfordshire council invested the highest amounts (£72.6m) in adult care compared to a mere 0.4m into lesiure
    • agree para 3:limits the development of towns and cities, constricts them economically
      • cuts in servies decrease tourism rates. results in less diverse community.
      • minimised cuts in facilities decreases the value in certain areas.
      • does not just effect constituency but the value of the entire country


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