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Everything you need to know for paper 1 of citizenship - hope it helps:)

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Citizenship, Identity and Community in the UK
What are cultural traditions that contribute to being British?
The UK is a multicultural society and groups from all over the world bring their traditions
with them e.g.:
o Caribbean ­ Street Carnivals to London, now we have the Notting Hill Carnival
o India & Pakistan ­ Hot spicy food, now there is a curry house in every town
Britain's Cultural Traditions
o School Uniforms
o Mother's day
o British Pub
o Cricket
o Horse Racing
British Values
Rule of law ­ laws apply to everyone
Personal Freedom ­ Everyone can criticize government or run businesses without
them; free to benefit from their own hard work
Equal opportunity ­ Everyone has the right to achieve
Representative Democracy ­ Everyone has the right to a say in how the country is run.
Elections are fair and each vote is secret
Cultural Diversity ­ range of different groups that make up wider populations
Migration ­ moving from one place to another
Immigration ­ moving into a different country
Emigration ­ moving out of a country
Asylum seeker ­ someone who goes t o a different country, looking to stay there for safety
when there is danger in their home country

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Refugee ­ someone how has been granted legal permission to stay in a country
Why do people Migrate?
Push Pull
Fear (Natural Disasters) Peaceful Place
Fear (War or Terrosism) Good record of Human Rights
Discrimination Employment
No work/Poor Pay Good Standard of living
Famine Family members & Ethnic Group
Disease/Pollution Healthcare
Lack of Education Education
High Cost of Living
What is asylum?
When people seek asylum, they are asking for refuge or protection.…read more

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London ­ An international city
o 300 different languages regularly spoken
o It is a major attraction for companies:
o For example: Air France has its global reservation Centre in Wembley,
north-west London, rather than in Paris. Other airlines have made a similar
choice.…read more

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What is community cohesion?
Community ­ A group of people who are connected in some way or belong to something
Community Cohesion ­ People sharing values and goals and living together well, sharing a
sense of belonging and identity.…read more

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Why we need laws?
Helps society run smoothly and fairly
Protects people's rights
Keeps people safe
Resolve conflict
The law ­ is a set of rules and guidelines, which state how all citizens, should behave and
provides for various punishments if those rules are not valued.…read more

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Barrister ­ A lawyer who represents and speaks for their clients in court
Civil Court ­ Where a judge sits without a jury and decides on civil cases
Crown Court ­ Where the most serious crimes are heard
Judge ­ Someone who presides over the crown court
Magistrate ­ Where 95% of criminal trials take place
Jury ­ Decide if someone if someone is guilt or not in a crown court
Youth Court ­ Where criminal cases from young offenders are heard
Solicitor ­ A…read more

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Who decides to take cases to court?
It is made by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The trained lawyers who work for the
CPS decide whether the matter is serious enough to go to court and whether there is a
good chance of the Crown winning the case.
What happens to the victims of the crime?
o If guilty, a defendant may be fined, but this goes to the crown and not the victim.…read more

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)
The council of Europe built on the UDHR to produce the European Convention of Human
Rights (ECHR) in 1950. European citizens can appeal to the (ECtHR) if they feel laws in their
country have not protected their rights.…read more


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