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This booklet is not a replacement for proper studying or revision, but has been
written to provide you with some information which will hopefully help you to
achieve a good grade in your GCSE.
How the exam works
When you sit the exam you will have already completed 60% of
your final mark.…read more

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The United Kingdom or Great Britain and
Northern Ireland has a population of just over
60 million people and is made up of 4 different
countries: England, Wales, Scotland and
Northern Ireland. It is a democracy (we vote
for the government) although the Queen is
our head of state.
As citizens of the UK, we all belong to
different groups or communities who create our sense of identity and
belonging.…read more

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Britain) or from countries who have
recently joined the European Union (EU).
Asylum Seekers/Refugees ­ People who have come to the UK because
they face danger in their own country and want protection. These are the
group that are often accused of being `spongers', but in reality they need
to be housed and fed but are not allowed to work until they are given
permission to stay in the UK.
Illegal Immigrants ­ People who enter the UK without the right to
work/live here.…read more

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Having rights is something that we take for
granted, but it was only after the Second
World War that people felt it was important
to say what rights all human beings should
have and to write these down.
Some of the most important developments
The Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948) ­ After World War II,
the United Nations (UN) was set up to prevent another world war.…read more

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When things do go wrong, there are organisations to help protect our rights
such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Trading Standards Office for
consumer issues, and Trade Unions or Employment Tribunals for work related
problems.…read more

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The political system of the UK is complicated, but basically there are four
National Institutions: UK Parliament
Welsh National Assembly
Northern Ireland Assembly
Scottish Parliament
Regional Institutions: Greater London Authority
Local Government: London Boroughs
County/District Councils
Local/Town/Parish Councils
European Union: European Parliament
8…read more

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The UK Parliament is the home to our national government. It is made up of
three parts:
The Queen ­ who is head of Parliament but doesn't have much power.
The House of Lords ­ who aren't elected, but who recommend
changes to government policy.
The House of Commons ­ Where elected MPs sit and debate/vote.
The main role of parliament is legislative (it makes laws or legislation). These
laws are called Acts of Parliament.…read more

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MP). Although this system may seem fair, it can mean that
more people vote against the person or party that actually wins.
In the 2005 election Labour won with a 37%
share of the vote although 63% of people
voted against them but because these votes
were divided between different parties,
Labour won. Some people have suggested
that it would be better if we had a system
called proportional representation.…read more



Thank you very much this booklet is VERY helpful! :D

Rebekah Campbell

Hi there, can you please confirm that this is for Unit 1 Edexcel? Many thanks!


Thank You :) For this booklet

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