Citizenship Theme C- Law


LAW- Key roles of law:

  • Set out what actions are acceptable
  • Keep order in society
  • Ensure fairness
  • Laws are made to punish and deter

Law affects our everyday lives but setting out things e.g.

  • What we can own and buy
  • Where we can live
  • What substances we can take in our body
  • How we can be educated
  • Protecting the public = relate to right to be safe, e.g. protection from assault, injury, homicide, burglary, injury, robbery. And Health and Safety protections in schools, homes and work etc.
  • Settling disputes= links with civil law, disputes relating to e.g. marriages breaking down, company disagreements, neighbours, consumer protection. 
  • Ensuring fair treatment= Laws such as HRA 1998 and Equality Act 2010 are in place. Links to key values of equal oppurtunity and no discrimination.
  • Changing behaviour= Deterrence, Retribution (e.g. community service), Rehabilitation 

Responding to new or changing situations: 

  • Terrorism: Groups such as ISIS emerge and law must be flexible to deal with it.
  • Scientific Discoveries: Need to be regulated to reflect new developments e.g. Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1991 prevents embryos being used for science after 14 days because some feel it is unethical.
  • New technologies:


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