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The Exam

A Q uesti
ons on
s our
ces e.g. a
ne wspa per re port
B A choice
answ er
que st i
ons ­ o nl
y do

Exam Tips

R ead quest
u l…

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Since World War II, immigration has brought people to the UK, these immigrants have
contributed to the UK economically and culturally. Sometimes this has caused conflict in
society ­ some believe immigration has got out of hand, or the country is under threat from
illegal immigrants.…

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Employment and Consumer Rights

The Race Relations, Sex Discrimination and Disability Discrimination Acts prevent
discrimination in the workplace. The law says within eight weeks of starting a job you must
be given an employment contract setting expectations Employment Rights. Employment
rights also protect sacking without going through process of verbal…

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UK secret ballots noone knows who you voted prevents force to vote a particular
candidate. On election day, voters go to a polling station in a locked ballot box.

Once the polling stations have closed, the ballot boxes are collected and taken to a central
location to be counted. This…

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The Private Sector ­ Private companies e.g. Tesco, ASDA, Barclays. Not
owned by government and aim to make profit. Some profit is paid to
shareholders (invested in the business by buying shares), some paid to the
employees, some to the government in taxes, rest invested in company.

The Public Sector…

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The News Media
The UK has a large number of news organisations. In both TV and newspapers it is an
editor that decides what is broadcast or printed. Unlike TV which must be balanced and
fair, newspapers are often owned by individuals to support political parties. E.g. The Sun

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Court magistrates have limited powers to send to prison ­ maximum of 6 months. The
majority of criminal cases, 95%, are dealt with in magistrates courts.

In most cases there are usually three magistrates. Magistrates are generally volunteers from
the community and are not legally trained ­ instead they are…

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Set up after World War II, the UN attempts to find peaceful solutions. Nearly every country
belongs to the UN. If a country does not do what the UN asks, it can use sanctions such
as banning trading with that country or sending in UN peacekeeping troops. The UN is…

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Advantages of first past the post Disadvantages of First Past The Post

Everybody's vote is treated equally The party with most votes might not become

Local views are listened to as person with Small parties find it impossible to win seats
the most votes gains power

Proportional Representation ­…

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Improvement in wellbeing and living standards
Environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, creative lives
Selfsufficiency and employment
Rights and justice for all

Organisations include:
Save the children
Christian Aid

Third world debt: poor countries owing money to rich countries.
Borrowed due to price of…


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