Case Studies for Representation in the Media

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  • case studies for representation
    • Gender
    • Age
      • Young people
        • Riots of August 2011 was presented to the audience by the dominant ideology that the paper was featured in
        • Ellie Simmonds the youngest ever Paralympic champion was represented as a role model for young people in the newspapers
      • Older people
        • Joanna Lumley's cover on woman & home is branded the 'age-less' issue as it reflects ageing in a negative light and features many articles on how to look younger
        • Skyfall featuring Daniel Craig questions whether James Bond is too old to continue his job but at the end concludes that with his age has come experience
    • Ethnicity
      • Mo Farah has been positively represented in the media as a Somali man who are frequently portrayed within the news as anarchic, this can improve multicultural relations within Britain
      • Historian David Sharkey's Newsnight interview in which he states about the 2011 riots that 'whites have become blacks' equating the ethnicity of black youths with criminality and gang culture
  • Men
    • Women
      • Recently, Family Guy has come under fire for sexual exploitation of women on screen, especially teenagers in a humourous way.
      • The Hunger Games and Gravity have been highly successful with strong female protaginists
    • The Wolf of Wallstreet presents men as misogynistic and greedy, as they frequently support the exploitation of women in the film by purchasing prostitutes
    • Men's Lifestyle magazine portrays men in a positive light as it encourages a ambition as well as a healthy lifestyle and features men who have positive influence in the fitness world


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