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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts

Using your own detailed examples,
explore the representation of two issues
in the media today (2012)
Two issues that are debated heavily in the media today are violence and the over sexualization of
women in the music industry. The debate of violence has been going…

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts

reading of this is shock, horror and anger it is used as an emotional pull, the viewer needs to watch
on. The shot is in black and white the result of this is that it is detaching the scene and the film from
real life.…

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts

Shinead O'Connor's had a twitter argument and exchanged letters over the way Miley Cirus was
being exploited by the music industry many others believe she is being portrayed in a negative
mannerism and it is negatively effecting others. The main argument is that the music…


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