Using your own detailed examples, explore the representation of two issues in the media today

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts
Using your own detailed examples,
explore the representation of two issues
in the media today (2012)
Two issues that are debated heavily in the media today are violence and the over sexualization of
women in the music industry. The debate of violence has been going on for years with big names in
the film and TV industry such as Quentin Tarantino and Roman Polanski having conflicting opinions and
how it should be presented. The role of women in music is ever changing and the recent debate is
women are too often shown as sex objects for example Miley Cirus.
Roman Polanski believes "You have to show violence the way it is. If you don't show it realistically,
then that's immoral and harmful. If you don't upset people, then that's obscenity." He and many
others believes that the glorification of violence in films such James Bond and the unrealistic
representation of violence in films such as Childs play 3 have direct negative effect on people. Some
outlines that copycat killings can take place because of the representation of violence in the media,
for example Dexter has been linked with two cases of copycat killings one that was massively
reported on was the case of Mark Twitchell, he posed as an attractive woman on the dating website
and lure potential victims to a lock-up garage. Once inside the garage, a masked Twitchell wielding a
taser would tace the victim. After regaining consciousness, the victims would find themselves
incapacitated in a special "kill room" almost identical to a scene that is on the show Dexter. This
caused a massive moral panic in society and with mainstream media directly linking the film with the
violence taking place, with very little recognition of the already disturbed character. This links with
the hypodermic needle model, it's the argument that the reader absorbs everything that the
producer encodes for example violence is okay this is thought by some as an ridiculous agreement as
not everyone who watches horror films become killers. Studies have shown however that maybe this
is the case in young children. The Bobo Doll experiment- kids that watched the doll being beat up
repeated this while the kids who watched the doll being cared for copied the actions.
Video games in recent years have been scrutinized for the violence that takes place in them, this can
link with the fact that in films there is a distinct boundary between the viewer and the film you are
not involved in the narrative, but in video games the player drives the narrative the player commits
the violent acts, some think this provides a far larger sense of cathartic while others believe it
desensitizes young people from violence and then some cannot recognize the difference between
real life and the game. One particular game and mission has been under fire is Graft Theft Auto IV,
the torture scene. Players can choose from a variety of techniques to get information from the victim
including poring petrol on his face and pulling teeth out as well as branding. The graphics are so
realistic that it can be said that small children don't think what they're watching a game. Politicians
argue there should be tighter and stricter legislation on how to get access to violent material but
others believe they are being naive thinking that they can stop youngsters watching violent martial
wit the use of the Internet.
Quentin Tarintino (director of Kill Bill and Jango Unchained) believes "violence is the most fun thing to
watch". He has been accused of glorifying violence and as a result of this desensitizing people
although there are common themes throughout many of his films that indicated that his films might
not have a great effect on people's attitudes towards violence. The opening scene of Kill Bill is a
birds eye view close up in black and white of a women lying on the floor, bleeding heavily from her
head presumably from the man that is standing over, she is then shot in the head. The preferred

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts
reading of this is shock, horror and anger it is used as an emotional pull, the viewer needs to watch
on. The shot is in black and white the result of this is that it is detaching the scene and the film from
real life. It is outside real time and space so the viewer understands that it isn't real it's a fictional
story avoiding desensitization that Quentin is accused of.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts
Shinead O'Connor's had a twitter argument and exchanged letters over the way Miley Cirus was
being exploited by the music industry many others believe she is being portrayed in a negative
mannerism and it is negatively effecting others. The main argument is that the music isn't just
available to older generations YouTube is unrestricted so young children can get hold of sexual
material.…read more


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