Representation of Older People in the Media today

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  • Representat-ions of older people in media today
    • Often stereotypical focussing on character traits
      • Deafness
      • Grumpiness
      • Inability to function effectively in society
    • Most concentration on age in media is how to avoid it
      • Even when an older person is featured on eg a glamour mag the focus of the article is usually how they have managed to look younger
        • Case Study #'1: Joanna Lumley on Woman and Home
          • branded the 'age-less' issue
            • Most of the content is focusing on how she looks young
            • Reflects ageing in a negative light and features many articles on how to look younger
    • However some texts tackle the issue of ageing and how it can be hard to grow older
      • Case Study #2: Skyfall with Daniel Craig
        • Tackles issue of whether James Bond has become too old to continue his job
          • Concludes with age comes experience
    • Within the news (age and gender)
      • Anna Ford, has complained that these older men are often paired with attractive young females, while older women newsreaders are often exiled to radio.
        • Leading female film and television stars are also often relegated to character parts once their looks and bodies are perceived to deteriorating, which seems to be after the age of 40.
      • Work on the assumption that an older male with grey in his hair and lines on his face somehow exudes the necessary authority to impart the news.


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