Geography A2 AQA - Case Study: Re-urbanisation: St Ives

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  • Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives.
    • St Ives is in Cambridshire 70 miles from London.
      • In 1961 the population was 3,800 in 2010 it had reached 16,400
      • It has good road/rail links to London
      • 1/4 of London commute to London every day.
    • Impacts
      • A14 saw an increase in congestion
      • House prices rose on average from 130,00 to 291,000 between 2000 to 2010
      • 1000 houses at risk from a 1/100 years flooded due to developments on flood plains of Great Ouse
      • Previously elderly pop now young families which increases pressure on schools
      • Locals can't afford higher housing prices/rent
    • Management
      • 200 new homes set to be built with 75 being affordable housing
        • £8.8 million spent on flood defences (Flood Walls + Embankments) after 2003 flooding along river Owse.
      • expansion of primary schools in St Ives to create 240+ places
      • A £116 million guided  busway which links St Ives to Huntington + Cambridge. Will reduce congestion along A14 and reduce use of Huntington station.


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