Barriers a young carer may face

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  • Barriers for a young carer
    • Societal
      • a child who is a young carer may find that they face ignorance on a daily basis.
        • this could be from a school point of view if the child fails to turn up on time, or if they don't complete class work or homework on time.
        • the ignorance could come from the teachers, friends and staff members at the school
      • a child that is a carer may be subject to low expectations and low expectations of abilities.
        • this could be due to them potentially being late for school and not completing homework and class work.
        • not completing work could be seen as them not being able to do so, not that they haven't had time, or weren't physically possible to do so.
    • Economical
      • Employment
      • many young carers work to support their families financially. if this is the case, many children may have a lack of opportunity because of lack of flexibility die to school work and their role as a carer.
        • they may be too young to work, and many employers won't take on a child under the age of 16 as their insurance won't cover them.
          • this will mean that they can't get a job and this is then an economical and environmental barrier for them.
            • Employment
    • Educational
      • there may be a lack of access if the child can't get to the school if their parents can't drive, or are unable to drive.
      • there may be lack of access to the curriculum if the child is too tired to work, or if they miss deadlines.
    • Environmental
      • if the person who requires the care is in a wheelchair, or has poor mobility, the child may find that it is hard to go out because of poor accessibility to different areas and buildings.
      • there is a high chance that the carer wont be able to drive, and thus reliant on public transport This could be a problem if there is poor provision or access to them, and will restrict where they can go.


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