health and safety

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  • B&C - Health & Safety
    • Advantages of a safe working environment;
      • Fewer accidents happen in the work place
      • Workers remain healthier and are not wasting as must time sick
      • Workers can raise concerns to a representative about health and safety managment
      • Workers are happier whilst at work and so tend to be more efficient
    • Disadvantages of an unhealthy working environment
      • Loss of production as workers are more likely to be unfit because of an unhealthy working environment
      • It is more difficult to recruit new employees as they would not want to work in unhealthy conditions
    • Hazards
      • Machinery and equipment, which not only has hazardous cables, but also could, develop faults.
      • Materials and substances, some which have sharp edges. Others could be poisonous, such as ink or cleaning fluids
      • Breakages and spillages, such as hot or cold drink spilled over a piece of electrical equipment, could represent an immediate hazard, as could broken glass left on the floor
        • To overcome this hazard, have a cafeteria area where you can eat or drink without being near work areas
      • Working practices and behaviour, such as busy office where people are constantly on the move, are ricks if people do not behave in a sensible manner


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