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  • Training
    • Induction
      • Used to initiate new staff to the business
        • Must include Health and Safety information
    • On-The-Job
      • Usually done by a more experienced member of staff teacing an inexperienced member of staff
        • Cheap no travel costs
          • New employees meet other employees and settles in quickly
            • Training includes all the skills to do the job and 'how it is done here'
    • Off-The-Job
      • Usually seminars or conferences. Sometimes one staff member is sent to the conference to then train others
        • Experts can be used.
          • Trainees learn the correct method and practise without affecting the business
            • Less pressure to learn, reducing mistakes
    • Rewarding Staff
      • Pay Based
        • Salaries
        • Overtime
        • Bonus
        • Comission
      • Fringe Benfits
        • Benefits that aren't on a pay slip
          • Company Car
          • Life Insurance
          • Pension Scheme
          • Staff Discount
          • Subsisdised meals
          • Medical Care


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