Legislation in Business

Hopefully this will cover most laws that will come up in the exam

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Legislation (Law) Brief description Effect on Business
Trade Descriptions Act This law makes it illegal for a This means that the product
retailer to give false or that a company sells must be
misleading information about a legitimate. For example, "a
product that it is trying to sell. 24 carat ring" must contain a
24 carat diamond. This also
means that companies must
be more truthful about the
products it is selling.
Companies must be
completely honest about the
products that they are trying
to sell. This means that if a
company breaches this law
then they would have to
provide the customer with at
least a full refund, which
could cost the company a lot
of money.
Consumer Credit Act Occasionally people take out This means that businesses
loans from banks to pay for may loss some money from
expensive items such as cars. fickle customers who have
This law enables the customer to changed their mind. Before
have a 14 day coolingoff this law was introduced,
period after signing the credit somebody who had taken
agreement. This allows out a loan could not change
customers to change their mind their mind meaning that
about the product they have businesses didn't loss
bought and can cancel the money.
agreement. If a customer changes their
mind then about a product
they have bought then a
company must provide a full
refund on the money the had
Sale of Goods Act There are lots of laws within thisBusinesses can loss money
act. All products sold must meet in this way as if any of their
these criteria. products do not match the
1. The goods that a criteria then the customer is
company sells must be entitled to a full refund. If a
fit for the propose that it company stocks poor quality
is supposed to do. For products or products that
example, an Xbox 360 are broken then they could
must be able to play end up losing vast sums of
games. money.

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The goods should be of If a company breaks any of
"merchantable quality", these laws then they have
this means that the provide a full refund on the
product should be made product bought. This is why
to a good enough quality the products that a company
for all the components sells must be legitimate and
to do the job they are must be capable of the
supposed to do.…read more

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Permission must be must only keep it for as long
given by the consumer if as necessary. If not the they
a company wishes to may be sued by customers,
store or process any costing the company a lot of
personal data. money.
Personal data should
only be used for the
purpose it was collected
Only data that is
relevant to the task can
be collected.
Data must be accurate
and keep up to date.…read more

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Computer Misuse Act This law was designed to The penalty for breaking
prevent people gaining access to these laws could even mean
computer systems and causing prison for some owners.
damage to a company's files. A company cannot hack
Anybody found guilty of these another company's
could face up to five years in computer system. If they
prison.…read more

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Plan workers' activities, losing the company the
ensuring regular breaks amount of time spent
away form their working everyday from its
computers. employees. A company will
Provide eyetests to also have to training, at its
staff that regularly use own cost, to train staff on
computer monitors and how to minimise the health
other visual displays as risk to them.
part of their job.
Provide information and
training on how
employees can take
their own actions to
minimise the health risk
to them.…read more


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