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Legislation (Law) Brief description Effect on Business
Trade Descriptions Act This law makes it illegal for a This means that the product
retailer to give false or that a company sells must be
misleading information about a legitimate. For example, "a
product that it is trying to sell. 24 carat…

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2. The goods should be of If a company breaks any of
"merchantable quality", these laws then they have
this means that the provide a full refund on the
product should be made product bought. This is why
to a good enough quality the products that a company
for all…

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and to request to have it deleted that is relevant to the task
if the data is incorrect. they are collecting it for and
Permission must be must only keep it for as long
given by the consumer if as necessary. If not the they
a company wishes to may…

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found in breach of this law
then they will required to go
to court incurring legal fees
and possibly having to pay
out huge sums of
Computer Misuse Act This law was designed to The penalty for breaking
prevent people gaining access to these laws could even mean

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Plan workers' activities, losing the company the
ensuring regular breaks amount of time spent
away form their working everyday from its
computers. employees. A company will
Provide eyetests to also have to training, at its
staff that regularly use own cost, to train staff on
computer monitors and how to…


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