Training and Rewards

A mind map covering the basic terms for training and rewarding staff

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    • Methods of Training
      • In-House
        • Training that is done within the work place
          • Being shown by an experienced colleague
          • Working at a slower pace
          • Working with new machinery or equipment
      • Off the Job
        • Training that is done away from the work place
          • Day release to attend college
          • Attending a specialist training session
            • Untitled
          • Working with employees from other branches or similar businesses
      • Induction
        • Training that is given to NEW EMPLOYEES within a business
          • Health & Safety
          • Company History
          • Organisation Structure
          • Meet the Staff
    • Rewards
      • Methods of Payment
        • Wages
        • Salary
        • Overtime
        • Bonuses
        • Commission
      • Rewards other than pay (Fringe Benefits)
        • Company Car
        • Pension Scheme
        • Staff Discount
        • Medical Care
        • Subsidised Meals
        • Life Insurance


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