Rewards and Training

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  • Training & Rewards
    • Induction Training:
      • Is for new staff. MUST include health and safety. Make recruit feel comfortable.
      • Shprt presentations and a buddy system
    • In House Training:
      • Shown how to do new tasks and to use new machinery.
      • Working alongside existing employees.
    • Off The Job Training:
      • Taes employees away from normal place of work.
      • Day release from work to attend college.
      • Too expensive and trainee might not learn but less pressure and learn from mistakes
    • Wages, Salaries, Overtime, Bonus Payments & Commision
      • Commision: Additional money paid
      • Wages: Hourly rate
      • Fringe Benifits
        • Life Benifts, Medical Care
        • Company Care


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