Health and Safety at Work

Cards on health and safety at work

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Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Businesses have to:

  • assess the risks involved in a job
  • take precautions to minimise these risks
  • provide protective clothing + equipment, and make sure it's well maintained
  • provide any training needed to do a job safely
  • provide toilets, drinking water + first-aid facilities
  • record workplace injuries in an accident book

Employees have to:

  • act responsibly + take care of their + other people's safety
  • carry out taks as they've been trained to do
  • report dangerous practices
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Computers and health

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) = overuse of keyboard or mouse

Circulation, fitness + back problems might result from sitting all day in front of a computer = long term issues

Eye strain + headaches - Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 = employees must:

  • analyse workstations + reduce risks
  • plan work routines so that employees can take periodic breaks from using a computer
  • provide health + safety training + info
  • provide free eye-tests to all staff who regularly use computers as part of their job


  • allow regular breaks - walk around + stretch
  • provide suitable equipment - know how to use correctly
  • take precautions for everyone's safety - i.e. cables not in a place to trip over!
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