Aspects of Tragedy in The Great Gatsby

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  • Aspects of Tragedy in The Great Gatsby
    • Tragic Protagonist
      • Gatsby
        • Unsympathetic
          • Criminal
            • Inmoral
            • Criminal associations
              • Meyer Wolfsheim
        • Sympathetic
          • Romantic readiness
            • Moral purity
            • Loyal to his image of Daisy
          • Loneliness
            • Class snobbery: East Eggers
            • No one comes to the funeral
            • No one comes to the funeral
            • Rumours: Nobody knows or wants to know the real Gatsby
        • Death
          • Fate
            • Army
              • Made it possible to meet Daisy
            • Dan Cody
          • Hubris
            • Car
          • Villain
            • Daisy
              • Didn't wait - Easily moved by money
              • Doesn't own up to being the driver
              • She destroys Gatsby's hopes by retreating into her money
              • Abandons him again after death
            • Wilson
              • Victim of Tom - 1) His wife's affair 2) Leads him to Gatsby
    • Fatal Flaw (Hamartia)
      • Waiting for Daisy - Dedicating his life to one dream
        • The dream is flawed in that it was based on obtaining entry to the class who would never accept him
        • Daisy is unworthy of such admiration as she is superficial, vapid and too easily persuaded by others
    • Recognition (Anagnorisis)
      • Gatsby
        • Does not reach the moment of recognition as he is still waiting for her phone call before his death
      • Nick
        • Seems to have come to some degree of recognition
          • He admires the man he would previously scorned
          • The American Dream is a delusion for most people
    • Conflict
      • Gatsby against the state - Illegal activity
        • Acceptable because the audience sympathises with his purpose
      • Family and social classs
        • Old money vs New money/Setting of East egg vs West egg
        • Gatsby rejects his family and background


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