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Chapter 1 The Great Gatsby

What happens in this chapter?
The narrative voice of Nick Carraway is introduced, expository
Settings of West Egg and East Egg are introduced
Nick goes to Daisy's for dinner (main characters introduced: Tom, Daisy, Jordan)
Sees Gatsby for the first time, green light motif introduced…

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All perspectives on characters are focalised through Nick's judgemental perspective
His initial reflections act as a framing device and prejudice us against Daisy, Tom and the world
that they represent
Nick is either established as a moral figure who will guide us on a journey through a dark world

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Chapter 2 The Great Gatsby

What happens in this chapter?
Valley of Ashes introduced, as well as the symbol of Dr Eckleburg/ Eyes
Tom's violent personality/ Nick dragged to meet Myrtle
Wilson introduced
Tom and Myrtle's party/ apartment in New York
Tom breaks Myrtle's nose
Nick's drunken ambiguity

Form, Language…

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Chapter 3 The Great Gatsby

What happens in this chapter?
Nick invited to Gatsby's party
Gossip surrounding Gatsby creates sense of illusiveness/mystery
Owl Eyes in the library
Meets Gatsby
Return to narrative on everyday life

Form, Language and Characterisation
Dialogue highlights that the guests are obsessed with image and with…

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He also demonstrates the ability to be selfdeprecating and to admit to his own limitations
The importance to Nick of his sense of connection with Gatsby upon their meeting
Nick's acknowledgement that his own storytelling is creating an illusion for the reader of the
importance of all the events related…

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Chapter 4 The Great Gatsby

What happens in this chapter?
List of people attending Gatsby's parties
Gatsby's partial life history dialogue with Gatsby
Lunch with Wolfsheim, bumps into Tom
Jordan's narrative about how Gatsby and Daisy know each other

Form, Language and Characterisation
Opening line of the chapter juxtaposes the…

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Jordan as `she'd never do anything that wasn't right' juxtaposed with how Nick defines her as
`incurable dishonest'
o Sets Gatsby's character apart from Nick's
o Involves intrusive retrospect

3 parts: ludicrous sounding guests at Gatsby's parties Nick's trip to NY with Gatsby Jordan's
o Slows the pace…

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o1920s America materialist conspicuous consumption was viewed more important than life
The darkness of the cellar where they meet Wolfsheim
o `half darkness', connotations with sinister behaviour and criminal activity'

Chapter 5 The Great Gatsby

What happens in this chapter?
Gatsby's house illuminated
Nick encounters Gatsby, pool reference and…

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o Nick less concerned that Gatsby's offer of business seems illegitimate than that it is being
offered out of a sense of duty
o Inconsistent: chapter 1 explains that his tolerance has a limit, however in this chapter he
also characterises Nick as having a limit to his morality

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o `at an inconceivable pitch of intensity'
o `Daisy took the brush with delight and smoothed her hair

Gatsby's house `blazing with light', Nick feared his house was `on fire'
o Imagery of artificial light vs natural light
o House represents Gatsby's `blazing' love for Daisy, a way of…




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