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The Great Gatsby
Chapter 3
How does Fitzgerald tell the
story in Chapter 3?…read more

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Gatsby's house & party ­ presentation of the
preparation for the party
Magical v manufactured ­ quotations to support this
Characters as part of setting ­ yellow-dressed girls,
Mr Mumbles, Owl Eyes
Present tense description of party creates
immediacy & excitement
Chronological order of events of party
Library ­ symbolic of Gatsby's dream as a
whole ­ Belasco ­ manufactured ­ one brick....…read more

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Fragmented structure has built up to bathetic
introduction of Gatsby "a man of about my age..."
Dramatic build-up to introduction of Gatsby
Bathetic introduction of Gatsby
Gatsby's smile used to symbolise his facade
Shift in focus to J&N's relationship at end of chapter:
honesty v dishonesty
Owl-Eyes ­ symbolic significance
Prolepsis ­ driving accident
Exaggerated description of party guests at beginning
Sensual description of Jordan…read more

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Analeptic ref to Myrtle's party/comparative
structure of key events/social events in 3
chapters so far
All 3 social events end in violence or the threat
of violence
Analeptic ref. to the story of Jordan Baker's
cheating at golf
Poetic language becomes repeated pattern
Description of party prep. punctured by realistic
detail of waste products
Symbol of car…read more

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Self ­aware narrative style ("Looking
back over what I have written so far...")
Deliberate shit to present tense in
description of party
Romance between Nick and Jordan
Mystery: Gatsby's character
Foreshadowing of later tragedy ­ the car
accident and violence…read more


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