Great Gatsby chapter 5

Key events in chapter 5.
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Fardaws Jahan
Aspect of Narrative
`The Great Gatsby' ­ Chapter 5
Key events of Chapter 5:
(Pages 79 ­ 93) Daisy and Gatsby are reunited after almost five years
Nick organises a meeting at his house between Gatsby and Daisy
Tension builds up before Gatsby and Daisy's reunion
Awkward but soon are blissfully happy
Gatsby then gives them a guided tour of his house, displaying his possessions, especially his
expensive, imported clothes.
Daisy cries over Gatsby's beautiful English shirts
More conflicting details about Gatsby's past emerge
Nick leaves the two of them alone
Connotations of language:
there was a sharp line where my ragged lawn ended
Description of Nick's lawn which shows the boundaries of Nick's lifestyle compared to Gatsby's.
He wants everything to be perfect and neat for Daisy.
as my taxi groaned away
The sound of the taxi is mocking (as if the taxi is tired, tired of Gatsby).
`Oh that's all right' he said, carelessly
Suggesting that their lifestyle is careless. The tone of voice is showing he doesn't care.
Fitzgerald creates the scene of Gatsby and Daisy's reunion through dialogue and descriptions of nonverbal
communication (e.g. tone of voice, body language, words used to describe atmosphere).
What's said?
"I certainly am awfully glad to see you again"
"we've met before"
"we haven't met for many years Daisy"
"this was a terrible mistake", he said, shaking his head
Words used to describe actions or moods?
"Daisy's voice on a clear, artificial note"
Gatsby, pale as death
Muttered Gatsby
Clock ­ time is an important theme you can't repeat the past
Gatsby's mansion ­ symbolic of Gatsby's love for Daisy. Gatsby used his "new money" to create a
place that he thought rivalled the houses of the "old money" that had taken her away.
Key quotations
"the clock took this moment to tilt dangerously at the pressure of his head, whereupon he turned and
caught it with trembling fingers, and set it back in place"
"I thought you inherited your money"
"I could have sworn I heard the owleyed man break into ghostly laughter"
"It makes me sad because I've never seen such -- such beautiful shirts before."


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