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The Great Gatsby English


Dinnage argues that Enduring Love is an efficient, gripping examination of such themes
as "guilt and love and fear."

Brookner praises Enduring Love for its effective use of "psychological terrorism,"
McEwan's patient building of conflict and suspense, and the book's ultimate portrait of


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The Great Gatsby English

narrator, Joe. In its very style it displays his meticulous memory for and attention to
detail, his cool and often fastidious regulation of emotion, and (as noted) his careful
interpolations of scientific explanations for narrative events. The result is a picture of
events, but also a…

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The Great Gatsby English


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The Great Gatsby English

Enduring Love

What do you think is important about McEwan's use of other texts
(i.e. scientific, literary and religious) in Enduring Love as a whole?

The ways all texts are rooted in human experience
The ways the texts reveal characters and academics
The ways storytelling itself…

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The Great Gatsby English

Language: use of scientific and medical jargon, abbreviations, use of dates, use of
emotional, personal effusive language, use of exclamations, ornate style of literary
romance, use of descriptive detail, use of pathetic fallacy, imagery, contrast etc.
Narrative perspective/voices: first person retrospective and self conscious narrator, ironic…

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The Great Gatsby English

his turning his back on the moneyed world of the Buchanan's
Gatsby's love of Daisy perhaps and Wilson's for Myrtle, etc.

Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 3.

Narrative perspective/ voices: first person narrator, self conscious story teller and author,…

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The Great Gatsby English

The unflattering portrayal of Daisy, Jordan and Myrtle who are all deceivers, materialistic
and insincere
The destinations of Jordan and
Daisy Daisy's part in Gatsby's tragedy, etc.
Some will disagree and focus on:
the way a male narrator filters the narrative and distorts the picture

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The Great Gatsby English

"`Fra Lippo Lippi' is about the significance of art in civilised society."
How do you respond to this view of the poem?
The subject matter of Fra Lippo Lippi's monologue
The conflict between art and religion
What `civilised society' actually means
Whether art is about painting…

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The Great Gatsby English

The terms `impossible', `sympathise' and `disturbing' might be unpicked and challenged in a
variety of ways
Browning's seeming not to privilege either conclusion or his loose didacticism might be
discussed, etc.

Tennyson Poetry

Look again at Tithonus and write about Tennyson's narrative methods
in the poem.…

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The Great Gatsby English

Some will agree and focus on:
The wife of Ulysses
The Lady of Shallot
Godiva to a point
Aurora - victim of the male gods perhaps
Some will disagree and focus on:
Godiva's triumph over her husband and her gaining immortality in legend
Mariana might…




A good recap of questions from past papers; for each question a series of clear and concise points have been made that help to identify what the question is looking for.

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