Social Classes - The Great Gatsby

Jan 2013 - "In The Great Gatsby the lower social classes are presented as crude and vulgar". How do you respond to this view? (21 marks)

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  • Classes  The Great Gatsby
    • East Egg; Newly Rich
      • Subtllety
      • Elegance
      • Grace
        • Daisy and Jordan's dresses
          • Elegance
          • Buchanan's tasteful home
            • Subtllety
      • Lack in heart
        • Careless people
          • Don't care about hurting people
          • Buchanan's move away to avoid the funeral
            • Their selfishness allows them to remove themselves from the tragedy
              • Leads to his death; takes the blame for Daisy
        • Use their money to ease their minds
    • West Egg
      • Vulgar
      • Gaudy
      • Ostentatious
      • Gatsby
        • Huge mansion
        • Pink suit
        • Yellow Rolls- Royce
        • Doesn't pick up on the insincerity of the Sloanes' invitation to lunch
        • Loyal, sincere heart
          • Leads to his death; takes the blame for Daisy


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