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  • A Doll's House Christmas Tree Metaphors
    • Beginning Act 1 on Christmas Eve.
      •  Nora still believes her marriage to be happy. 
      • N ordering for tree hidden until she has decorated it. 
        • Symbolically, alerts us - there are hidden aspects to life in this household
      • Carefully created appearance is what matters
        • Nora is the keeper of appearances. 
    • Context
      • In Norway - Christmas an important family celebration
      •   Focus of the festivities & opening presents on Christmas Eve. 
    • Act 2 -Significantly N trying to coax T keeping K in his job  
      • She draws T attention to how pretty the flowers on the tree look.
    • By Christmas Day
      • Tree stripped of its ornaments 
      • Its candles have burnt out
    • End Act 2
      • Torvald refused keep Krogstad in his job
      • Nora feels sure Krogstad reveal secret
      • Carefully maintained appearance happy marriage disintegrating under the encroachment of truth.


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