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  • A Doll's House Act Two Section 2
    • Actor
      • There's a duologue between N & T
        • Desperately trying - persuade T secure K's job
          • She begins - being infantile and frivolous
            • Using T's animalistic language - to persuade him
              • 'Squirrel would do lots to try and persuade him'.
              • 'Your little skylark would sing in every room-'
              • 'I'd turn myself into a little fairy and dance for you in the moonlight, Torvald'.
          • Then mood changes - N more desperate
            • 'Oh please! I beg of you'.
            • 'Oh please, Torvald, please -'
        • Dialogue takes many twists and turns
        • Audience constantly wonder whether T will give into his wife
        • Social comment: 'If the rumour got out that the vice president had allowed his wife....'
          • T more caught uo - how his viewed - rather than making his wife feel
    • Director
      • Highly emotional - high paced
        • N attempts persuade - husband keep K's job
          • Completely paralysed fear - T finding the truth
            • (desperate with anxiety, stands as though transfixed and whispers)
      • N hints - physically wants to escape
      • Devotion to her husband - suggest never leave him
        • Making the ending much more shocking


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