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  • A Doll's House Act Two - Section 1
    • Director
      • At the beginning conversation between  Nora and Nurse
        • Moment of genuine love
        • Contrasts - deception in Helmers' marriage
        • Dialogue explores both women equally powerless under the law
          • Provides comment from Ibsen - position - women in society
            • Mrs L. further comments - 'it is much easier for a man to arrange these things than a woman-' - discussing about Nora's debt
      • Costume  fancy-dress party - souvenir - Italian holiday Nora has gone into debt
        • Another example N being treated social & sexual inferior - treated like a doll - other characters
    • Actor
      • Beginning N repeats panic about K's threats
        • 'Silly silly...it isn't possible. Why I've three small children'.
      • Nurse mirror to N - both been similar situations
        • Nurse had to give up children - tells N - they haven't forget her & they still in contact
          • 'Well. Children get use to anything, in time'.
      • Nora appears to be planning - what happen if she leaves them
        • 'And if my little ones had no one else...'
      • Nora caught up in emotional turmoil
        • Consumed thoughts - K's threats
        • Corrupting her children - staying with them


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