a dolls house

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  • A Doll's House Act Three Section 3
    • Director
      • Ibsen shocks audience - his stagecraft - play comes to end
    • Actor
      • Both characters immense emotional pain
        • Audience see complete transformation N & T
      • Helmer sees second letter - as his salvation
        • Begging N to come back - he believes his able to forgive his 'song bird'
      • N leaves the house - slams the door behind her
        • T left alone in the house - first see N start of the play alone
      • N comes to realise truth about Helmers' character
        • His selfishness has made him a 'stranger'
      • N realises her duty isn't to society but herself
        • N spoke calmly and coldly - she becomes passionate - her speech is equal to T - section builds dramatic climax


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