a dolls house

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  • A Doll's House Light Metaphor
    • Symbolise N's state of awareness. 
      • After T claims man enough to take everything upon himself (Act 2) 
      • While N talking to Dr Rank
        • Light begins to grow dark. 
          • Symbolism refers to two processes.
            • Nora using sexual attractiveness manipulate Dr Rank giving her money for loan. 
            • R confesses love for N shocked
              • She brings a lamp, telling R he must feel ashamed of himself
    • Symbolise hope & spiritual redemption when Dr Rank is talking in code to Nora about his coming death (Act 3). 
      • He talks of death as a ********* hat that will make him invisible   
        • An image of eradication of life. 
      • Nora brings him a light for his cigar as she wishes him goodbye.
      • R loves her  in spite sometimes dubious behavior towards him 
        • She given him understanding compassion & acceptance.
    • Join him in death by committing suicide. 
      • Their bond is represented on stage by the image of them standing together in the pool of light from her match 
        • A frame that excludes Torvald.


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