a dolls house

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  • A Doll's House Act Three Section 2
    • Actor
      • Provides a stark contrast - audience saw Helmer attempting make love to his wife
        • Boasting he would 'risk everything' to verbally attacking N
          • Branding her a hypocrite and a liar - a criminal
            • Shows his true colours to N and the audience
      • Before T reads letter - N wide-eyed, fumbling around the room
        • N planning to leave and take her life - Helmer stops her - locks door demands for discussion
      • N insists T reads letter - remains clam throughout - his continual abuse
        • T speaks dramatically - attempting to make her feel worthless
          • 'Her expression growing colder'
          • 'Looks unflinchingly at him'
          • 'Coldly calm'
    • Director
      • Imagine N alone on stage - T bursting back after reading letter
        • Mirrors opening of Act 1 he comes to check on her
      • N locking door 'you shall stay here until you've explained yourself'- threatening & confirms - his role confining wife - 'doll's house'.
        • Denying her right to choose whether to live or not
        • Physically trapping N encompasses - continual theme of entrapment
      • Section explores illusion vs reality
        • Only future Helmer can see based purely acting and make-believe
          • N pretending to be his loving wife - save his reputation


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