A Doll's House function of characters

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  • A Doll's House Characters
    • Function: Dr. Rank
      • Act 1: Gives info Krog - morally censorious
        • Fitting champion for Torvald
      • Interrupts Torvald - attempting persuade Nora go bed with him
      • Serves as confidant to Torvald (mainly offstage) - Nora (on stage)
      • Know more about Nora than husband
        • Linked to them of heredity - inherited symptoms of syphilis from father.
          • Nora inherited fathers qualities - spendthrift, dishonest.
      • Norwegian name = erect, straight, upright.
    • Function: Mrs Linde
      • Give audience background details - conversations Nora
        • Confidant to Nora
          • Foil to Nora - Leaves her marriage seek to find herself - seek marriage to anchor myself
      • Contributes to the theme of illusion vs relaity
        • Affect the audience: sympathy BEGINNING - shock & anger END
      • Mouthpiece for the playwright
        • Had to leave her husband - marry rich man
        • Condemning Nora's 'sham' marriage - voice Ibsen's views on freedom
      • Actions influence play indirectly - Krog X take back letter
        • Indirectly catalyst for events - reunting with Krog - giving him new outlook on life.
          • Cause him to return IOU
      • Contribute to themes: self sacrifice -duty/freedom - relationship between men and women - dependency - change
    • Function: Krogstad
      • Action One:
        • Persistent questioning Nora
          • Patronising & intimidating attitude towards Nora
          • Interrogation tactics - almost - lawyer cross examining witness
        • Contemptuous attitude towards Torvald
        • Revelation that he knows Nora is in his power
        • Use of props or costume


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