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  • A Doll's House Act Two Section 4
    • Actor
      • Many characters show different elements of their personality
        • More deception & frantic
          • Most noticeable - K language become less respectful to T
            • Refers to him sarcastically as 'our worthy Torvald Helmer'
            • Who 'daren't so much murmur'.
            • His deflation of N's plans of heroic act of suicide - shocked audience
            • Vulgar language description of her corpse - as 'ugly, hairless and unrecognisable'.
            • Role of K essential - main cause of suspense
              • Language suggests becoming more ruthless - pursuits of securing job
                • No longer shows any compassion behind his motives
            • K's exit - stage builds suspense - whether leave letter or not
      • First moment N verbalises her 2 decided means of escape if T see the letter
        • Run or kill herself
        • 'In case you were thinking of doing anything desperate'
          • I am
        • Audience constantly reminded how desperate n is
          • Through N's dialogue and actions become more urgent as scene progresses
          • Completely infantilises herself - begging T to teach her how to dance - allowing him to exert power over her - attempt to distract him
            • 'I can't dance tomorrow if I don't dance with you now'.
    • Director
      • Nora's dance like caged animal - none of the characters understand why she is acting in such a way
      • The tarantella 0 Italian folk dance - southern Italy characterised- swift movements & ruffling of petticoats, involving spinning & jumping until he dancer is exhausted - they fall to ground
        • Derives from town of Taranto thought - if spider called tarantula bit someone - only way survive dance frantically - flushing the venom - out through sweat - dance for hours or days
          • If person bitten didn't dance - they would suffer a severe pain, spasms, vomiting and  death - N's life - spinning out of control - like the dance
            • Play for me! I want to dance!
            • (as he plays) Slower, slower!
            • I can't
            • Later in stage directions: N throws herself - around stage wildly
              • Deceiving T believe she completely forgot dance
                • Teach her & distract him letter
                • Dance suggests - act moving to strong curtain - well made play typically close the penultimate act
                  • A strong curtain - falling of curtains - end of narrative - often reveal important piece of information - N's truth
                    • Ibsen builds the suspense continually throughout Act 2 - Act concludes N complete frenzy about her planned suicide


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